Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions we receive

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about our ground penetrating radar services. If you don't see your question listed use the contact information at the bottom of the page and we would be happy to answer.

What is the cost of a residential property scan?

As of April 1st 2015, ScanPlus will no longer be offering a Verbal Confirmation option for our Residential Property Scans due to the recent Supreme Court decision involving Adelaide Avenue in the District of Saanich.

Moving forward, ScanPlus will only offer Residential Property Scans in the CRD area culminating with Written Documentation, which includes a certified and insured letter report documenting our findings, including historic heating records (where feasible) and a detailed aerial map of areas scanned within the subject site boundaries. Please contact our office for more information on our residential scans outside the CRD area.

The need for awareness involving appropriate home owner and home buyer due diligence has never been greater. Residential Property Scans with Verbal confirmations are of no legal value to our clients.

Does the technician need access to the home?

To complete a thorough investigation, our technicians require access to the home, provided by an onsite contact. This allows us to further investigate the furnace room and other areas of concern in the home. As every home is unique, this investigation may take anywhere from 10-15 minutes or longer depending on the age of the home, fire department records, and visual evidence acquired.

How long does the scan take?

A residential property scan can take between 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Time may vary depending on the age of the home, fire department records, visual evidence during the scan, and the size of the property.

How quickly can I get an appointment for a residential scan?

ScanPlus understands the importance of facilitating our scans in a timely manner and strive to deliver prompt, professional service in responding to demanding real estate deadlines. Depending on scheduling, appointments can range from within the week, next business day, or the possibility of same day, if time allows.

Who receives information regarding the results of the scan?

As per the Privacy Act, ScanPlus will only release information regarding the results of the scan to the client(s) who purchased the scan. Information will only be provided to other parties (ie. realtors, current home owners) with written permission from the original client(s).

What type(s) of payment do you accept for a scan?

ScanPlus accepts all major credit cards for payment, which you will be asked to provide during booking.

What kind of information do I need to provide to book a scan?

The information we gather during booking helps us better understand our clients’ needs and the property prior to our scan. This will include the clients name(s) (the purchaser), property address, age of home and size of property, a current email address and phone number, any limitations that may be on the property, and who will be the onsite contact for access to the home. We do require a credit card to confirm a booking; this credit card will be charged in the event of a no show or late cancellation (see policies).

How does the GPR work?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the general term applied to techniques that employ radio waves, typically in the 1 to 1000 MHz frequency range, to map out structures and features below the surface. This technology is similar to that of a fish finder, as the GPR emits weak radio frequencies into the earth and detects the echoes sent back to build an image. The GPR requires a relatively flat surface that runs flush with the ground and a minimal scan run area of 3.0m (10 feet) is needed to complete an accurate scan of any given area. Uneven, raised surfaces with little run space for the GPR (ex. flower beds, landscaped areas or confined spaces) would be considered limitation factors and can cause inaccuracy in the imaging. The average radiated power from the radio waves emitted by the GPR are less than 1% of the transmitted power of a cell phone, making it safe for those around it during use.

Can you scan through concrete driveways or sidewalks?

Yes, the scanner can penetrate through concrete and asphalt.

Can you scan through a raised deck or addition to a home?

The GPR cannot scan through void air and must be flush with the ground while collecting data. It is not possible for the machine to collect accurate data scanning a raised deck or an addition with void space underneath. However, if the raised deck or addition have adequate space beneath for our technician and GPR we can attempt to scan from that area. This area must allow the GPR to have a minimum scan run of 1.2m (4 feet) in any direction.

How deep does the GPR scan?

Ground Penetrating Radar depths seldom exceed 10m (33 feet) in ideal soil conditions. In the Greater Victoria area we normally see depths of 4.5m-6.0m (15-20 feet). The clarity of these depths may vary depending on the geographical location and water table height.

Can the GPR scan confined spaces?

Ideally the GPR requires 3.0m (10 feet) of scan space in any direction to allow for accurate imaging. Scanning on residential properties does not always permit the desired amount of scan space and can lead to limitations during the scan. The GPR can scan with a shortened scan space; however, there is no guarantee of accurate results in that area. Confined areas must allow the GPR to have a minimum scan run of 1.2m (4 feet) in any direction.

Policies: effective June 1st, 2020

Schedule a Scan: To confirm and hold an agreed upon date & time to scan a subject property we must have a credit card on file. For commercial scans we will need an agreement on certain terms to confirm and to hold a booking.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations received less than 24 hours before your scheduled booking will be charged the full cost of a scan. Less than 48 hours notice, will be charged a $100 + GST. Scans cancelled more than 48 hours before the scheduled booking will not be charged.

Moving Contents: Technicians are not insured, required, or responsible to move contents on subject properties (Junk piles, Patio furniture, etc) to fully complete the scan. Please ensure the area to scan is free of any limitations prior to the locate.

Scanning the Interior of a Home: If ScanPlus is required to scan the interior of a home, an additional charge of $150/hr will be charged with a 1-hour minimum. Additionally, there MUST be a person there to assist.

Additional Scanning Required: In the event that the technician is asked to return to the premises at a later date to re-scan areas that were not accessible during the original locate, there will be an additional flat rate fee of $100.00 + GST (with a one hour time limit in effect).

Time Constraints: In the event that the technician is asked to return to the premises at a later date to continue the scan further, or to re-scan certain areas, ScanPlus will charge regular commercial rates to return to the subject property at a minimum 2-hour charge. Every project is unique in its own way, please call us today to get a quote for your particular project!