Nanaimo GPR Scanning


Nanaimo Regional District GPR Scanning

Our high tech GPR equipment is built for mobility which allows us to offer our services in the Greater Nanaimo area.

There are thousands of residential properties within the Nanaimo Regional District that have or have had an underground storage tank (USTs) buried on their properties, as this was common practice pre 1960. Many tanks were never registered and were often abandoned with remnants of oil remaining in the tank. Left unused over the years, to corrode and deteriorate, this often causes contamination to the surrounding soils and groundwater.


We serve the entire Nanaimo Regional District

ScanPlus provides GPR services to all locations within the Nanaimo Regional District including the City of Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, and Qualicum Beach.

Our Remote Sensing Property Scan is designed to target potential underground heating oil storage tanks (USTs), and/or a nest; the remnant hole where a UST was previously buried. A visual inspection for clues of potential USTs is completed prior to scanning. Some of the indicators our technicians look for include existing fill or vent pipes, evidence of historic fill or vent pipes, current and/or previous boilers/furnaces, historic copper lines, existing above ground storage tanks (ASTs), depressions in the ground, and concrete or asphalt patches. It should be noted, Remote Sensing is not 100% effective in all situations, but ScanPlus provides the best non-intrusive means of subsurface detection available in the market today.

NRD Homeowners and Realtors

If you own a residential property in the Nanaimo Regional District, mortgage lenders and banks often require a certified scan of your property to ensure that a UST or UST tank nest does not exist prior to lending funds. ScanPlus can provide you with the necessary documentation often needed to satisfy lending institutions, insurers, potential purchasers and local government.

NRD Commercial Requests

We also offer commercial services to the Nanaimo Regional District. ScanPlus specializes in locating and mapping underground utility services, both metallic and non-metallic targets, using a combination of ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic (EM), and ferrous metal detection. We are able to locate water lines, drainage pipe, electrical wiring, gas, hydro, sewer, phone, and cable lines.