ScanPlus utilizes the latest equipment from Hathorn Inspection Cameras

Our Wi-Fi Durascope allows us to monitor and record in real time. With voice over capabilities, we can provide you with a video so you can see and hear if there are any problems. 

Your inspection report will also include pictures of any problems we encounter so you have the visual evidence to review at your leisure, take to your insurance company or use when negotiating a new home purchase.

The camera head of the Hawthorn Inspection Camera is a sonde, which mean when we find a blockage or a problem ScanPlus can pinpoint the area that needs attention. 

Camera Services Available

Buying a new home, have your perimeter drains inspected to ensure there are no problems with your new home. Your inspection will come with a complete report to help you mitigate risk.  Ask us about doing it at the same time as your UST inspection and save when combined.

Do you have excess water on your property, in your basement, or notice your patio sinking? Have ScanPlus complete an inspection of your drain system to help diagnose what maybe causing the problem.

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