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ScanPlus is fully certified by Transport Canada to fly drone commercially.

Photogrammetry surveys offer high resolution data compared to satellite imagery. In photogrammetry, remotely piloted aircrafts system (RPAS) capture a large number of high resolution pictures of a specific area. By collecting several overlapping georeferenced pictures, our software can produce highly accurate 3D models also known as “digital twins”.

Drones offer safe and efficient surveys at lower costs than traditional survey methods. ScanPlus offers 2D orthomosaic imagery as well as survey grade 3D models. Photogrammetry data can create several powerful tools such as digital elevation models, stockpile calculations as well as cut/fill analysis. ScanPlus also offers residential property inspections and roof inspection.

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Our team can quickly capture data for AI-powered drone data processing which is then analysed by our team in order to create a variety of comprehensive reports.

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